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201Briellegirlexalted goddessFrench14Register to vote
202KeiragirlBlack HairedIrish14Register to vote
203Jennaveciagirl14Register to vote
204LilianagirlGracious Lily, Purity, and BeautyLatin14Register to vote
205CoralinegirlBaby Girl Name. Meaning: From the semi-precious sea growth coral.English14Register to vote
206Halliegirlthinking of the seaGreek14Register to vote
207EmiliagirlIt's very unique, spelled with an E instead of an A. It's adorable! 14Register to vote
208PearlgirlgemstoneEnglish14Register to vote
209Siennagirlreddish brownItalian14Register to vote
210Cassidygirl14Register to vote
211BlossomgirllovelyEnglish14Register to vote
212Maleahgirlunique little girl, beautiful young woman14Register to vote
213aerabellagirlbeautifulAmerican13Register to vote
214Brynngirlsmall hillCeltic, Gaelic13Register to vote
215Caseygirlbrave, watchfulCeltic, Gaelic13Register to vote
216Marissagirlof the seaLatin13Register to vote
217Audreygirlnoble strengthEnglish13Register to vote
218Emersongirl13Register to vote
219McKenziegirl13Register to vote
220Evegirllife givingHebrew13Register to vote
221Savannagirlfrom the open plainSpanish13Register to vote
222Jacelyngirlderivitive of Jaclyn/Jocelyn13Register to vote
223Summergirlsummer seasonEnglish13Register to vote
224Lilithgirlghost, storm goddess, spirit of the nightSumerian, Assyrian, Hebrew13Register to vote
225LeagirlmeadowAnglo-Saxon13Register to vote
226KaragirlpureGreek13Register to vote
227Amandagirllove, worthy of love, precious thingLatin13Register to vote
228Samanthagirllistens wellHebrew13Register to vote
229HarpergirlAmerican13Register to vote
230Opheliagirluseful, wiseGreek12Register to vote
231McKennagirl12Register to vote
232Adelaidegirlnoble kind, adornedHebrew, Latin12Register to vote
233HelenagirllightGreek12Register to vote
234Maegirl12Register to vote
235SelenagirlGreek12Register to vote
236Jordyngirl12Register to vote
237Aislinngirla dream, vision, inspirationCeltic12Register to vote
238HaydengirlEnglish12Register to vote
239WintergirlwinterEnglish12Register to vote
240AriannagirlholyGreek12Register to vote
241Skylergirl12Register to vote
242NeveahgirlHeaven spelled backwardsAmerican12Register to vote
243Corinnegirl12Register to vote
244Caitlyngirl12Register to vote
245Lauryngirl12Register to vote
246Kendallgirlruler of the valleyCeltic12Register to vote
247Lydiagirlwoman from Persia, beautyGreek12Register to vote
248BiancagirlwhiteItalian12Register to vote
249Camerongirlbent nose, dark-haired beautyEnglish12Register to vote
250RaingirlrulerLatin12Register to vote
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