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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
201Rodriguezboy0Register to vote
202Roegboy0Register to vote
203Roganboyred-hairedGaelic1Register to vote
204Rogelioboybeautiful oneSpanish1Register to vote
205Rogerboyfamous spearman, quietGerman2Register to vote
206RohanboyhandsomeEnglish1Register to vote
207Rohitboyred colorHindu1Register to vote
208RókusboyHungarian0Register to vote
209Rolandboyfrom the famous landGerman1Register to vote
210Roldanboypowerful, mightyEnglish1Register to vote
211Rolfeboyvariant of RudolphEnglish1Register to vote
212Romanboya citizen of RomeItalian10Register to vote
213Romeoboypilgrim to RomeItalian2Register to vote
214Romeroboydescendent of a pilgrim to Rome2Register to vote
215Ronboyadvisor to the king, nickname for RonaldEnglish3Register to vote
216RonakboylightHindu0Register to vote
217RonaldboymightyNorse3Register to vote
218Ronanboya pledgeCeltic11Register to vote
219Roniboyshout for joy, my song of joyHebrew2Register to vote
220RoninboySamurai without a masterJapanese3Register to vote
221Ronnieboycounsel power; nickname for RonaldEnglish1Register to vote
222Rooboy0Register to vote
223Rooneyboyred-hairedGaelic1Register to vote
224Rooseveltboyfield of rosesDutch1Register to vote
225Roperboy0Register to vote
226Roranboyfrom the movie Eragon0Register to vote
227RoretoboyPlace in Northern Italy.1Register to vote
228Roryboyred kingGaelic3Register to vote
229Rosaboypowerful Hawaiian, Native-American0Register to vote
230Roscoeboyfrom the deer forestNorse2Register to vote
231Roshanboyshining lightHindu0Register to vote
232Rossboyfrom the peninsula; horseScottish, Anglo-Saxon1Register to vote
233Rossifboy0Register to vote
234Roswellboymighty steedTeutonic1Register to vote
235Rothboyred-hairedGerman0Register to vote
236RovilboyGerman0Register to vote
237Rowanboyred-haired; ruggedGaelic, English7Register to vote
238RowdyboyAmerican, Norse0Register to vote
239Roxasboykeeper of the heartAmerican0Register to vote
240Royboyregal one, redFrench, Gaelic1Register to vote
241Royalboyheart and soul American2Register to vote
242Royceboyson of the kingEnglish3Register to vote
243Rubenboybehold of a sonHebrew1Register to vote
244RubeusboyredLatin1Register to vote
245RuchirboybeautifulHindu0Register to vote
246RuddboyruddyEnglish0Register to vote
247RudolphboywolfGerman0Register to vote
248Rudraboybelongs to godHindu0Register to vote
249Rudyboy1Register to vote
250Rudyardboyfrom the red gateEnglish1Register to vote
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